“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud” - Sophocles

What is Honor?


  • High respect, as that shown for special merit, esteem; (www.dictionary.com)
  • To have a good name; reputation (www.dictionary.com)
  • Glory or recognition; distinction (www.dictionary.com)
  • Principled uprightness of character, personal integrity (www.dictionary.com)

Cultural Perspectives
In the Dine (Navajo) culture, honor and respect can be shown in different ways. Greeting an older male as your grandfather is a way to show honor and respect. This is also true when greeting a woman as your mother/grandmother.

Honor is not a word that can be taken lightly in the Latino culture. To honor someone is to unconditionally respect them for their self-sacrifice and commitment to the betterment of the whole community.

Personal relationships: Japanese children are raised to identify themselves more closely with their family and other groups to which they subsequently belong, rather than as an individual with unique desires and ambitions. The value of amae is imparted by a childís mother, who rarely leaves the childís side before he or she reaches school age, treats the child as her most valued possession, and is the childís primary source of approval and gratification. Amae is illustrated by the power that masses of drops of water possess when they are traveling in the same direction in a waterfall in a Japanese garden or by a tsunami approaching a Japanese village. (Gannon, M. J. (2001). Working across cultures: Applications and exercises. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publication, Inc. p. 124)

Quotes about Honor

  • Donít look for more honor than your learning merits. ~Jewish Proverb
  • Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself. ~Lois McMaster Bujold
  • What is left when honor is lost? ~Publilius Syrus
  • Honor does not have to be defined. ~Robert J. Sawyer
  • Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people. ~Welsh Proverb

Reflective questions about honor:

  • Who do you know who behaves in an honorable manner?
  • What qualities does that person possess?
  • How do you show honor to others?